Dear All

Firstly I would like to thank the team at Lothian Car Club, Scottish Motorsport Marshals Dunblane Scouts and the volunteers who helped over the recent event at Doune which was I can say one of the most challenging we have faced.

I know all of you have been asking about the welfare of Felix following his incident, he remains in hospital for observation as he has a small blood clot, there is no need to operate and his facial injuries should heal without the need for intervention, I know you will all wish him well.

Finally I would like to apologise for the decisions taken on both Saturday and Sunday to curtail the event I am sure you understand that we would not want to do this without good reason and conscious of time restraints, fatigue and emotional stress I take responsibility for the welfare of all. The decision was made in consultation with the MSA Steward on both occasions.

I hope we can now look forward to celebrating our 50th anniversary at the June event and look forward to seeing you all then.

Tim Thomson
Chairman – Clerk of the Course