Time adds value to many objects and this is especially true with motor cars. There are people who spend their whole lives trying to guess which model will become the “must have” addition to add to their glittering garage. There are a few givens along the way; Porsche, Ferrari, Bentley and Austin Martin will definitely make the list for the lady or gent with many a penny to spend, however for the rest of us with normal incomes, to make money on this gamble you have to think out of the box.

Some odd little vehicles have crept into the list of desirable cars and can earn you a tidy profit.

You cannot overestimate the cute factor, ask your partner what car they think of as “cute” today and odds on it will be sought after in 30 years’ time. The Mini is a good example, as is the original VW Beetle. I remember scrapping a Mini pick-up some 25 years ago and having to pay the guy to take it off my hands, a total rust bucket, but now even the V5 for one will set you back a few thousand pounds, even the ‘79 Ford Fiesta has an eye watering price [it is a Fiesta after all].

Condition is an important factor, there is no point buying a rusty Allegro and hoping for the best, you need to find one in good condition [good luck!] or at least one which can be restored faithfully using original parts. Maybe the Allegro is a bad example…. however currently there are less than 500 Allegros registered on the road, so they have a surprisingly high sale price in good condition.

If you have the garage space to protect your classic and money to gamble on the next “must have” collectible, here are some ideas that may never pan out… but you never know!

Volkswagen Corrado: Good to drive too, and especially desirable (and collectible) in VR6 form.
Honda NSX: One of the most legendary supercars of its era, the Honda NSX is all but guaranteed to become a classic. Decent 90s examples already fetch big money, but they’re likely to only appreciate in value.
Volkswagen Lupo GTi: the true successor to the original Mk1 Golf GTi with its compact dimensions, chuckable handling and buzzy 1.6-litre engine.
Renault Clio 182 Cup: arguably the last truly hardcore Renault hot hatch with a raucous and uncompromising drive that’s sure to appeal to drivers.

What do you think will be collectible in 20 years’ time?