Thank you to those who have renewed their membership for 2021, and especially to those who made a donation in addition to the annual subscription. Your support is greatly appreciated and really helps to make the club more secure in these difficult times.

To keep things as paperless as possible we have migrated our membership system [which was a very complex excel file ] to an online systems called members Mojo.  All existing memberships have been imported, all going well to renew your membership go to  and if you are an existing member click the the Sign in button.  Enter your email address and the system will send you a link to login, so no pesky passwords to remember.   Once logged in you can click the renew button and away you go.   if you are a new or lapsed member then simply complete the form.

Memberships cards are automatically created and can be download from the systems by clicking the View cards button  these can either be saved as a PDF on your phone or printed that is up to you.

Please also check the details on file we have and correct any mistakes or changes since you last applied.  This can be done at any time by logging into the system if you change address for example.

If you already use membersmojo for other clubs then do not worry the system knows this already and keeps things separate. if you have any issues please email

Membership renews help the club by funding the hill climb later in the year so the more we get the better we are placed for the next season.